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⌘ About cowhide ~ Tryon Lagoon ⌘

The French shrink leather, Tryon Lagoon, is produced by Rémy Carriat, a tannery that has maintained a tradition of nearly 100 years in the Basque region of southern France.
This tannery, which specializes in large format leathers such as adult cattle and buffalo, tailors leather for a wide range of uses from wallets and bags to shoes and furniture, and has numerous high-end brands as clients.

The tannery has a high level of technology and reliable quality that has made it a monopoly of famous maisons.
The word "shrink" means "to shrink.

The leather is first softened by chrome-tanning, and then the surface is further shrunk by a special process.

The quality of the leather is instantly recognizable.
The presence of leather that seems to suck you in.
It is a luxurious leather that fills the heart.

⌘ About goat leather - chevre "surie" ⌘

Alran company (Tannerie Alran S.A.S) was established in 1903 in Mazame in southern France. It continues to produce high quality goat leather and is regarded as the world's best tannery. The leather produced by hand by skilled craftsmen and state-of-the-art finishing techniques is used by many of the world's top maisons.

One of the most famous leathers produced by Arlan is Chèvre Sully, a goat leather.
Arlan goat has fine fibers with moderate firmness, so that even if the leather is thinly strained and assembled into a product, the result is an item with a sense of resilience.

The surface of the leather has a fine, even grain that is pleasant to the touch. There are several types of gradation processing methods, but this one is a rubbing process using skilled craftsmen's hands or machines. The characteristic of rubbed grained leather is that it is softer and has a more natural and beautiful grain than shrink-wrapped or stamped grained leather.

Aluran goat is also an attractive leather because of its coloration.

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