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portefeuille origine

portefeuille origine


portefeuille origine
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⌘About Leather⌘

〜Du Puy cowhide shausser ~.
Founded in 1948 in Auvergne, France, shausser is a prestigious tannery trusted by many luxury maisons. Shausser is a combination of tanning and chrome-tanning, and boasts a unique texture and high durability. Originally made for shoes, the leather is semi-aniline finished to preserve the texture of the leather and to resist some stains.

〜Mégisserie Richard lamb skin plonge
Founded in 1852 in the county of Milhaud in southern France, Mégisserie Richard is a top quality tannery specializing in the finest lamb leather in Europe. Richard is known worldwide in the luxury industry for its garments, bags, and shoes. Originally used by the European aristocracy for tailoring clothes, gloves, and hats, the leather is exceptionally pleasant to the touch. The full aniline finish makes it soft, supple, and excellent to the touch.

The ⌘Long Wallet Specification Introduction ⌘

Open the zipper of the wallet,
There are 12 pockets for cards,
There is one pocket for coupons,
There are three bill compartments.
There is a coin case with a zipper in the center, which can hold a lot of coins.

The bag has a very high quality feel and is very heavy.
Although it is a little heavy, it is recommended for those who want to carry both cards and cash.

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