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⌘Long Wallet Portefeuille Orig...

⌘Long Wallet Portefeuille Orig...


⌘Long Wallet Portefeuille Origine⌘
       ~portefeuille origine

The origin of the name ⌘ Portefeuille Origine ⌘
Portefeuille means wallet in French,
Origine means origin in French.
This is the first wallet that was born after the establishment of AIVANO.

⌘ About leather - Tryon Lagoon ⌘

The French shrink leather Tryon Lagoon is produced by Rémy Carriat, a tannery that has maintained a tradition of nearly 100 years in the Basque region of southern France.

⌘ About leather - chevre ⌘

Goat leather is thinner than cowhide, yet it has a high fiber density and is flexible and lightweight, which is why it is often used in leather products such as bags and wallets. It is loved all over the world not only for its functionality, but also for its beautiful appearance, such as its surface texture and luster.
Among such goat leather, there is a tannery called Arlan S.A. that produces goat leather of the world's top class quality.
Tannerie Alran S.A.S. was established in 1903 in Mazame in southern France. It continues to produce high-quality goat leather and is regarded as one of the world's best tanneries. The leathers produced by the hand of skilled craftsmen and the most advanced finishing techniques are used by many of the world's top maisons.
One of the most famous leathers produced by Arlan is Chèvre Sully, a goat leather.

⌘Long Wallet ⌘Introduction of specifications

Open the zipper of the wallet,
There are 12 pockets for cards,
There is one pocket for coupons,
There are three bill compartments.
There is a coin case with a zipper in the center, which can hold a lot of coins.
The very elegant and beautiful yellow color will brighten up the mood of the wearer.
Although it is a little heavy, it is recommended for those who want to carry both cards and cash.

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